257. Rev. Daniel Weedin (39) was born on 18 Sep 1815 in Missouri. (120) He was founding member of the Mount Vernon Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1833 in Near Pilot Grove, Missouri. (121) He was preaching in 1847. (122) "Bro. D. Weeden was appointed to deliver a lecture to this presbytery on the evils of intemperance." He died on 4 Nov 1853. (123)(124) Don Weedin's notes have specific dates for Daniels death, but I'm not sure which of his sources apply specifically to the death date. He was a served as co-moderator at meetings of the New Lebanon Presbytery 1844 through 1852. (125) He Ordained to pre in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church mid to late 1820's.(126) He was a preacher at the New Salem Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Prairie Home Township in Cooper County, Missouri.(127) He was buried in Old Methodist Cemetery, Saline, Missouri.(128) He was a school teacher in Sedalia, Cooper County, Missouri. (129) There is a note on the backside of the family group sheet that says Daniel was also a school teacher. I am not aware of any other record about this at this time.

He was married to Mary J. Fitten (daughter of James Fitten and Katherine Adeline Foster) on 19 Oct 1842.(130) Mary J. Fitten was born on 16 Jun 1824 in Alabama. (131) She died on 19 Jul 1865.(132) She was buried after 19 Jul 1865 in the New Lebanon Cemetery. (132) Rev. Daniel Weedin and Mary J. Fitten had the following children:

child359 i. Rebecca (Becky) Weedin(133) was born in 1844.
child+360 ii. James Frank Weedin.
child361 iii. Eliza Katherine Weedin(134) was born on 3 Sep 1848 in Sedalia, Cooper County, Missouri.
child362 iv. Thomas F. (Tom) Weedin(135) was born on 15 Dec 1851 or 15 Dec 1854 in Sedalia, Cooper County, Missouri. (136) The 1851 birtdate comes from Jim and Teresa Weedin's notes. The 1854 date comes from Don Weedin's notes. He died on 20 Sep 1916. Much has been written of the "Weedin's superstitution gold" in Arizona.