165. Benjamin Weeden Sr (35) (36)(37) (38)(39) was born on 8 Aug 1764 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island. He owned land that was sold in 1828 in Howard County, Missouri.(40) This transaction is the only mention of Benjamin's wife's name, Catherine. We have since come up with information about other wives. (One and maybe two more). Stay tuned.... He died in 1848.(41) We have a group sheet that claims Benjamin Weedin died in 1848. This might be recorded in Rev. Daniel Weedin's Bible -- a source we haven't confirmed. We do know he died after 1840 in any case because of the census data among other things. He appeared on the census 1830 and 1840 in Cooper County, Missouri. (42)(43)

He was married to Mary Smith on 2 Oct 1785 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.(44) Benjamin Weeden Sr and Mary Smith had the following children:

child247 i. Betsey Weedin was born on 2 Mar 1785.

He was married to Catherine. We also have documentation that this Benjamin had a spouse named Susanna Fowler born in 1773, but this is on a group sheet without supporting documentation. There was a much older Benjamin Weeden in Rhode Island that married a Susanna Fowler (born long before 1773). We suspect this Benjamin did not marry a Susanna Fowler. Benjamin Weeden Sr and Catherine had the following children:

child+248 i. Henry J. Weedin.
child+249 ii. Caleb Weedin.
child+250 iii. Anna Weedin.
child251 iv. Tolman (Tolmon) Weedin(45) (46)(47) (48) (49)(50) (51)(52) was born on 21 Feb 1802 in Tennessee. He died on 12 Sep 1885. He had an estate probated on 10 Oct 1885. He was buried in Mt. Gilead Cemetery, Pold Co, Missouri. Tolman is mentioned in Jim and Teresa's group sheets as well as Don Weedin's notes. I really wonder if Tolman (or Benjamin Jr.) might have been adopted because birth dates for the two are closer than 9 months. I really doubt Benjamin, Sr. had multiple wives.
child+252 v. Benjamin Weedin Jr.
child+253 vi. Elizabeth Weedin.
child+254 vii. Hiram Weedin.
child+255 viii. Mary F. (Polly) Weedin.
child+256 ix. Rachel Fannie Weedin.
child+257 x. Rev. Daniel Weedin.
child+258 xi. Matthew Weedin.