303. Caleb Weedin (142) was born in 1826 in Clay County, Missouri. (143) He was living in 1870 in Pettis County, Missouri.(142) (144) He was preaching as a Cumberland Presbyterian minister in 1876 in Green Ridge, Missouri.(145) He was performing a number of rather interesting weddings, some of which were for eloping couples. One of the elope weddings he performed says the couple found Caleb working his field by the tracks, indicating that he was also a farmer. This story tells that Caleb often performed his ministerial duties "without thought of remunceration" or "thinking the sacrifice to his health and comfort to be too great, if he could be of service." He was living in 1880 in Pettis County, Missouri.(142) Caleb was farming in 1880. The 1880 census lists the eight known children Caleb had.

He was married to Amanda Wilkerson in 1861.(145) This same source says Caleb moved to Pettis County just before the Civil War. Caleb Weedin and Amanda Wilkerson had the following children:

child403 i. Ella Weedin was born in 1864 in ?? 16 in 1880. (142)
child404 ii. Barney Weedin was born in 1866 in ?? 14 in 1880. (142)
child405 iii. Minnie Weedin was born in 1868 in ?? 12 in 1880. (142)
child+406 iv. William (Will) Weedin.
child407 v. Fanny Weedin(142) was born in 1872 in ?? 8 in 1880.
child408 vi. Alvin Weedin(142) was born in 1874 in ?? 6 in 1880.
child409 vii. Robert Weedin(142) was born in 1876 in ?? 4 in 1880.
child410 viii. Irvine Weedin(142) was born in 1878 in ?? 2 in 1880.