248. Henry J. Weedin (53)(54) (39) was born in 1792. He owned a quarter section of land in Mar 1821 in Clay County, Missouri. (55) Henry and brother Caleb were granted original deed by the government on this land. He was said to hear the call to ministry in Sep 1822 in the New Lebanon Cumberland Presbyterian Church.(56) He was an one of the first pastors of the newly organized Salt Fork Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1833 in Cooper County, Missouri. (57) He was remembered to have built a water mill on Cow Creek in 1843 in Saline County, Missouri.(58) He died on 13 Apr 1864 in Salem, Missouri (doubted authenticity of place). (59) Una Weedin Seymor claims Henry J. died in Salem, although it is hard to understand why he would have been in Dent County, Missouri in the midst of the Civil War at his age. He served in the military during the War of 1812 in Fort Kincaid.(60) (61) (62) Fort Kincaid was one of several forts where the white settlers barricaded themselves during the War of 1812. Several sources list a Private Henry Weedin (in variant spellings) on a muster role of the 1812 militia. He was known to preach in Sweet Springs, Missouri. (63) He held services with Daniel Buie (another Cumberland Presbyterian preacher) in a settlers home. Joined a militia that formed from Fort Kincaid at the time of the war of 1812. Information of Forts Kincaid, Hempstead, Cooper, and Hanna Cole's Fort can be found in the sources cited with Henry J.

He was married to Edy Taylor on 16 Aug 1816 in Howard County. (64) This is the sixth marriage recorded in the Howard County records. Henry J. and Edy had 17 children according to some sources. Edy Taylor died on 28 Feb 1861.(65) Sharon says Edy's name appears as Edy, Eady, and Eda. The marriage license (see marriage note) had "Edy". Henry J. Weedin and Edy Taylor had the following children:

child+302 i. Milly Ann Weedin.
child+303 ii. Caleb Weedin.
child+304 iii. Henry Renick Weedin.
child+305 iv. Catherine Weedin.
child+306 v. John Weedin.
child+307 vi. Rachel Jane Weedin.
child308 vii. Edy Eliza Weedin was born in 1834.
child+309 viii. Daniel Weedin.