318. Alphonso Freeman Weedin (168) (169) was born in 1848 in Kentucky. He moved in 1875 in Lafayette County, Missouri.(170) Sharon says he mined in Utah for a time then returned to Lexington. He died after 1918. (171) He graduated in Center College, Danville, Kentucky..(172) He taught for a few years in Kentucky. He owned a 280 acre farm in Bates County, Missouri. (173) In the history of Bates County during the war of 1812, it is noted that Alphonso recalled a story he heard that the women and boys had to defend the fort (probably Fort Kincaid) from attack while the men were looking for stock. Some of the settlers were killed by Indians when they ventured outside the forts or even in homes encircling the stockades. We will note that Alphonso did not experience this directly -- he was born in 1848.

He was married to Mary Lankford in Aug 1878 in Lexington, Missouri. Alphonso Freeman Weedin and Mary Lankford had the following children:

child432 i. Anna Weedin.
child+433 ii. John Daniel Weedin.
child434 iii. Frances Weedin.
child435 iv. Abner G. Weedin.
child436 v. Samuel P. Weedin.
child437 vi. Margaret Ellen Weedin.
child438 vii. Mary Weedin.
child439 viii. Caleb Clay Weedin.