249. Caleb Weedin (40)(39) was born on 16 Jan 1799 in South Carolina. (66) He moved with his family from South Carolina to Tennessee, then to Missouri in 1811.(66) He was a Cumberland Presbyterian preacher preaching in peoples homes in 1820 in Pike County, Missouri. (67) Caleb was assigned to Pike County early in his career. He was said to hear the call to ministry as recorded by the minutes in Sep 1820 in the McGee Presbytery.(68) He owned a quarter section of land in Mar 1821 in Clay County, Missouri. (69) Caleb and brother Henry J. had original deed to this land. He was advised that he had letters waiting at the post office in 1823 in Howard County, Missouri.(70) He Ordained to pre in May 1823 in the New Lebanon Cumberland Presbyterian Church. (71) He owned land for which he recorded a government plat in 1825 in Howard County, Missouri. (40) He was mentioned in an article in 1827 in Fayette, Missouri. (72) The artical in the "Missouri Intelligencer" advised that the Rev. Caleb Weedin would preach on May 24. He died on 16 Mar 1864 in area of Danville, Kentucky.(73) He was performing many marriages through 1825 and 1826 in Pike County, Missouri. (74) He served in the military during the War of 1812.(75) Caleb (along with the women and boys) had to help defend the fort when the older men went out to gather livestock. He was described as a "tall, spare, dignified man in his appearance". (76) But the man describing him "had no distinct recollection of his style of preaching." Caleb's name appears often in the book "History of New Lebanon, Cooper County, MO" (First cited as source 11 in Sharon's book).

He was married to Elizabeth Swan Moore in Kentucky (maybe).(65) Caleb Weedin and Elizabeth Swan Moore had the following children:

child310 i. Samuel S. Weedin was a professor at McGee College at College Mound when he died in Macon County, Missouri.(66) (77) McGee College was founded by the Cumberland Presbyterians in 1852 as a seminary and general college. Sharon's book "The Weedin Family in Missouri" goes on to say that McGee College eventually closed and was restarted by its supporters as Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri. I believe this college still exists today.
child+311 ii. Judge Benjamin D Weedin.
child+312 iii. Mary Catharine Weedin.
child313 iv. Anna E. Weedin died on 5 Oct 1917 in Lexington, Missouri, to her brother's home..(78) She never married. She moved from her family home in Kentucky during or after 1879 in Lexington, Missouri, to her brother's home..(73) (79) she moved after Benjamin D.'s wife died.
child+314 v. Margaret E. (Maggie) Weedin.
child315 vi. W. H. Weedin was a teacher in Kentucky and Tennessee. (80)
child316 vii. Caleb C. Weedin was a farmer in Kentucky. (81)
child317 viii. Sarah Weedin.
child+318 ix. Alphonso Freeman Weedin.