507. John Adron Weedin was born on 8 Jul 1895. He died on 13 Feb 1986 in Waverly, Missouri. He was buried in Waverly Cemetery, Waverly Missouri. John Weedin was known as "Papa" to all of us grand-kids. He farmed all his life. He raised cattle, chickens, corn, soy-beans, and hogs at one time, but the hogs are outside of my memory.

Papa had something of a limp in his walk and used a cane because of a bout with polio early in his life.

My dad always said Papa was a strong Democrat, but I don't remember Papa expressing much political opinion in any direction (his kids are another story).

Papa rolled his own cigarettes, shaved with a brush and shaving soap with a second sink that was in the kitchen across the room from where Mama cooked and washed dishes. The pantry was nestled beside his sink between the steps upstairs and the basement stairway, which was VERY steep to make room for this pantry.

Sharon (my sister) has recollections of Papa taking her and my brother John to church on sunday, but while I remember him going every sunday I was there, he never took me.

He was married to Gladys Marie Burgess (daughter of Charles D. Burgess and Georga A. Morris) on 14 Feb 1918 in Lexington, Missouri.(257) Gladys Marie Burgess was born on 7 Sep 1898. She died on 11 Sep 1984 in Waverly, Missouri. She was buried in Waverly Cemetery, Waverly Missouri.

At the funeral, their wasn't a dry eye in the church as the pastor talked about the old farm Mama and Papa always had. He talked about how you never went in the front door at John and Gladys house, you went in the back door always to hear Gladys say "come on in!" As this went on, he talked about how everyone would gather around the big round table in the dining room and talk a spell.

My brother, John Weedin, has reconditioned the table and now uses it at his house.

Gladys was always known as "Mama" to all us grandkids. She loved to cook and wash dishes, work her garden, wash eggs, etc. She gave up driving cars after they did away with the throttle on the column (this probably happened in the 1920's or 1930's).

Gladys was maybe five feet tall and I suspect thin most of her life. John Adron Weedin and Gladys Marie Burgess had the following children:

child+549 i. Charles William Douglas (Douglas) Weedin.
child+550 ii. Kenneth Adron Weedin.
child+551 iii. Frances Ann Weedin.
child+552 iv. Norman Burgess Weedin.
child+553 v. Glenn Eugene Weedin.
child+554 vi. Morris Hudson Weedin.