442. John William Weedin was born on 22 Aug 1862 in Clinton County, Missouri. (240)(241) He appeared on the census in 1900.(242) This census record is full of errors. John Adron and Earl's names are juxtaposed. John's birth year is off by nine years. The state of the fathers birth is clearly wrong. He appeared on the census in 1910 in Franklin County, Kansas. (243) John was working a rented farm. The boys were 19, 18, and 14 in this census. He died on 5 Sep 1940. Sharon has a copy of John's obituary from the paper (Lexington paper?). It has some errors, particularly with John Benjamins name as his father, but speaks of John being orphaned at a very early age. It also mentions that John professed Jesus as the Christ in the Dover Christian Church after he was graduated from school. The obituary goes on to describe his life as a farmer, but keeps discussing John's religous life.

The obituary may be a sign of a different time and a different mood in the press toward religious belief, but it could explain the faith of son John Adron, my paternal grandfather. It might also be noted that papers (in my experience) publish what families want them to publish in obituaries, so it's actually possible that this obituary was written by John, Earl, and/or Earnest (Monk). He was buried in Waverly Cemetery, Waverly Missouri.

He was married to Anna Frances Hudson (daughter of Doctor Curtis (Doc) Hudson and Sarah Adams) on 19 Aug 1888 in her parents home, Clinton, County, Missouri. Anna Frances Hudson(244) died on 3 Jan 1953. She was buried in Waverly Cemetery, Waverly Missouri. John William Weedin and Anna Frances Hudson had the following children:

child504 i. George Curtis Weedin was born on 3 Nov 1890. He died on 8 Feb 1920. (245) George died of pneumonia which set in during the course of influenza. He had an estate probated after 8 Feb 1920 in Lafayette County, Missouri.(78) He had accumulated a fair amount of livestock and farm equipment, which was divided fairly evenly among John A., Ernest, Earl, and his mother. He was buried in Waverly Cemetery, Waverly Missouri.(246)
child+505 ii. Ernest (Monk) Weedin.
child+506 iii. Earl Weedin.
child+507 iv. John Adron Weedin.