506. Earl Weedin was born on 3 Mar 1892. He died on 10 Mar 1973. He was buried in Waverly Cemetery, Waverly Missouri.

He was married to Bessie Brownfield. My father went to visit Earl and Bess in the early seventies. This would have to have been before they died of course. On our way to Earl and Bess's house, we passed a pickup that had the name "William E. Weedin" on the door. I asked my dad who that was. He said "I think that's Skeeter Weedin." He tried to explain William Eldon's family relationship to me, but he totally lost me.

I don't remember very much of Earl and Bess except that Earl was very much like "Papa," my paternal grandfather. Even as a child of 8 to 10 years of age, the family resemblance was clear to me. I had a portable transister AM radio (the high-tech miniture electronic gadget of its day) with an earphone with me at the time. Earl asked my dad if I was "hard of hearing" thinking the radio was an external hearing aid. What I think I remember of Bess is she had white hair, but this memory is very distant. It seems she was similar to "Mama" in stature (perhaps a tiny bit larger), but I don't actually recall this clearly. As an eight year old child, my judgement of peoples size was not very good. Bessie Brownfield died on 14 Jul 1973. She was buried in Waverly Cemetery, Waverly Missouri.