254. Hiram Weedin (39) Photo was born in 1808.(95) He was living in 1835 in Saline County, Missouri.(96) He was on the Delinquent Tax List in 1835 in Cooper County, Missouri. (97) An entry by his name notes that Hiram had gone to Saline County. He appeared on the census in 1840 in Saline County, Missouri. (98) This census found "Hyram Wedan" living an Arrow Rock township, Saline County, with five children. The census before 1850 only lists the head of household by name and the other members of the household by age and sex, but the ages and sexes fit Hirams five known children of the time. He was sold a parcel of land between 1840 and 1842 in Cooper County, Missouri. (99) He was selling another parcel of land to a Benjamin Weedin between 1843 and 1845 in Cooper County, Missouri. (99) He was a farmer in 1850.(100) He appeared on the census in 1860 in Johnson County, Missouri. (101) The 1860 census lists Hiram's birthplace as Tennessee. This census lists H.D. (Hiram Daniel), 19, Artimesia, 16, Mary J., 15, Rachal A., 13, and Henrietta E., 12, as living with Hiram and Mary. Mary and Nancy were probably a name switch in this listing as other documentation shows Mary had already left. He appeared on the census in 1880 in Dover, Missouri. (102) This is faint on the census record, but Hiram seems to have told the census taker his parents were born in Rhode Island. This is the best evidence linking Hiram with Benjamin, Sr. The four youngest children were living at home. Sarah E. was also living with them with her family. He died on 23 Jul 1884.(103) He was buried in Dover, Missouri, cemetery, SW corner.(103) He was identified as a Presbyterian by his daughter Mary Jane. (104) It is not clear that Benjamin, Sr. is Hirams father (as opposed to uncle).

He was married to "Mary" or "Polly" Cunningham McKissick on 14 Oct 1830 in Clay County, Missouri. (105) The service was performed by the Rev. Henry J. Weedin. "Mary" or "Polly" Cunningham McKissick died on 14 Feb 1853. Hiram Weedin and "Mary" or "Polly" Cunningham McKissick had the following children:

child326 i. Martha Ann Weedin was born on 24 Mar 1832.
child327 ii. Tolman Clark Weedin was born on 7 Jan 1834. He was living in 1860 in Denton County, Texas.(106) Tolman was a 26 year old school teacher.
child+328 iii. John Benjamin Weedin.
child+329 iv. Mary Jane Weedin.
child330 v. Hiram Daniel Weedin was born on 30 Sep 1840. He served in the military on 24 Jul 1862 in Crawford County, Missouri.(107) He was enlisted under the 16th Missouri infrantry (for the Confederacy), but this unit was known as the 7th Missouri at the time of the Battle of Prarie Grove. He died on 7 Dec 1862 in Prarie Grove, Arkansas, in action.. (108)(109) The Confederate Army at Prarie Grove under General Thomas Hindman included Shelby's Cavalry and the James Boys. Some of the wounded men crawled into haystacks for warmth. During the night, a few caught fire, burning those unable to get away. The smell attracted the local hogs which feasted on the bodies. We don't know if this was H.D.'s fate.
child+331 vi. Artimesia Angeline Weedin.
child+332 vii. Nancy Catherine Weedin.
child+333 viii. Rachel Adeline Weedin.
child+334 ix. Henrietta Elizabeth Weedin.

He was married to Mary Martha Marquis on 7 Mar 1854 in Lafayette County. (110) Mary Martha Marquis was born about 1825.(111) The year of birth was gleaned from her age in the 1910 census. She was living in 1900 in Dover, Missouri. (112) The 1900 census listed Mary as living here. She was living in 1910.(113) She was living with son William H. and his wife Cora. She died on 6 Dec 1914. (114) Hiram Weedin and Mary Martha Marquis had the following children:

child+335 i. Sarah E. Weedin.
child336 ii. Frances L. Weedin was born in 1858.(115)
child337 iii. Lucy P. Weedin was born in 1863.(116)
child+338 iv. Emily (Lucretia) Weedin.
child+339 v. William H. Weedin.